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Johnson Devasahayem Choppala was born in the little village of Nuzvid, in Andhra Pradesh, South India in 1931.

His parents, Pastor Devasahayam Choppala and Mrs. Kantharathnama Choppala, a humble, yet sophisticated couple ensured that all of their children would get an education and be inspired by - and inspiring to - the world. To that end, his mother gave western names of significantly educated people to all of her children.

Johnson was named after Samuel Johnson, an 18th century English writer and poet, most noted for his seminal work, "A Dictionary of the English Language," published in 1755.

Johnson met his wife Mridula (nee) Haldar, while a student in Pune, India. Not long after marriage, Johnson was accepted to Howard University in Washington D.C., where he completed his Graduate and Post-Graduate degrees.

After attaining his Ph.D. in Radiation Genetics, he worked as a professor in both the Zoology department as well as the Howard University Medical School.

Upon completion of his tenure as a professor, Johnson made the move to Federal, Civil Service and used his knowledge and skills in radiation physics and became a Radiation Safety Officer for the VA Hospital system. He directed the safety and training efforts for those VA sites in the southwest region of the US.

Upon retiring from federal service in the late 90s, Johnson and Mridula decided to give back to God.

Johnson, missing his love of teaching, approached the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) World Headquarters and volunteered as a teacher at SDA colleges and universities.

In this capacity, they traveled the world teaching at numerous locations. During one such assignment in India, at Spicer College in Pune, India, they were inspired to open a ministry and outreach program to the Hijra community. This lead to the creation of their OASIS program, specifically designed to minister to as well as teach the local Hijra (Eunuch) community about God's love, and to train them with new real-world skills to attain a better, honest living in a country where they were, for centuries, marginalized and outcast.

The love and commitment to this community was well-known and very soon, there were many who wanted to support this important ministry.

Johnson was preceded in death by his parents, Devasahayum and Kanthama Choppala, as well as sisters Rose Rajarao and Victoria Nalli.

A true faithful servant of God and humanity, Johnson has earned his final rest and is awaiting Christ's return.

His legacy lives on with his family. He is survived by his loving wife Mridula Choppala of Jackson, MS; son Ravi Choppala of Jackson, MS; son and daughter-in-law Pradeep and Patsy Choppala of Temple, GA; son Prem Choppala of Honolulu, HI; son Vinaya Choppala of Rogers, AR; son Mohan Choppala of Bella Vista, AR; nine grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

My father's mission was his greatest calling to serve our heavenly father, that is why we are continuing the mission that my father started 11 years ago. In lew of giving flowers, I ask that a donation be made to my father’s mission, and this can be done on the donation page of


Dr. Johnson Devasahyum Choppala
June 21, 1931 - April 27, 2019





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